Wednesday, 22 July 2015

We were waiting for this for a very long time but now it's a fact.. The first official store of VICTORIA'S SECRET BEAUTY AND ACCESSORIES in Greece domestic market has finally opened yesterday and we are all so excited about it.

Up to now all the fans of the brand were able to find all the products at Eleutherios Venizelos International airport of Athens, but now angels have landed at Golden Hall in Athens and are ready to "shake" the market!

Congradulations to the greek company, Agora Trading, the official parterner of Limited Brands, the owner of Victoria's Secret and other limited brands throughout Europe, adding two more Victoria's Secret boutiques in their family, the stores in Athens and Elsinki, which they both opened yesterday!!!

Of course we were there, taking some exclusive photos for you..


Best sellers, the body mists of Victoria's Secret with the beautiful, exotic scents in their attractive bottles.. Now, you can find them with glitter as well, perfect for tanned skins!!

You cannot leave Victoria's Secret without getting 3 at least of it's "famous" panties with special prints and perfect fit, that are now on a special offer!

You can also find the playfull PINK collection, that you can even use to decorate your bathroom with; I have 2-3 bottles in the left and right of my wash basin giving this girly sense that I like!

Did you know that Victoria's Secret have hair products? Amazing packaging for our vacation with everything needed for our hair, from sampoo and conditioner till brush, clips and rollers! Isn't it awesome?

If you want to travel with style, you shouldn't miss the Travel Retail exclusive collection from leather passport cases till the fashionable hand luggage's!

and now BREAKING NEWS ONLY FOR MEN!!! Victoria's Secret launches the Cologne and the Hair & Body wash, VERY SEXY PLATINUM FOR HIM.. Ladies, this could be the ultimate present for your beloved ones!

Extra tip: Don't miss also of getting these lip glosses giving your lips a juicer effect!

We must confess that the interior of the store is one of the beautiful ones you will ever see, I think Elena liked this selfie mirror a lot!!

Lots of kisses and see you all at Golden hall!!!

xx by El.g

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