Wednesday, 17 June 2015

When fashion flerts with taste creates the biggest street fashion even held on south suburbs, the SHOP & TASTE powered by ViVIfy, OK Magazine and Easy 9.72.

Last Friday if you ever had the change to walk by the streets in Glyfada you would see lots of people dancing, tasting and shopping but you will pretty much have joined us, so you know what we are talking about!

This year we had the pleasure to be part of this party too by supporting the upcoming brand 180 DEGREES of the greek designer, Maria Prastakou, where we wore her amazing transformable clothes while tasting the delicious alcohol bubbles from MOMIX.

We also had the change to meet the amazingly fun and happy twin brothers behind the succesful jewelry brand ZERTEO, while we fought of who gonna gets the last sushi roll from the new entry sushi restaurant KAZOKU.

Finally, as girls who respect themselves, we didn't miss the change for our beaute at Minas Chaldeaki world, Cure Nail Works, where SLIM BITES took some good care of us by treating us with low calorie sweets as they make them with pure ingredients based in stevia!

We want to thank all of you who joined us and to those of you who didn't, we are just waiting for you next time!

Congradulations to, Follow me and TWINFASHION for making all this to happen!! Good job boyz and girlz!

Ok, it seems as we are pozing! Actually we are pushing each other for eating as many sushi rolls we can.. You can't help it when sushi is delicious!!!

I have no words to say for this creative young girl but I will tell you this.. She designs for us clothes that we can wear them in multiple different ways! Maria Prastakou and her brand 180 DEGREES is going global and the only thing we have to say to her is "GO GIRL" you totally deserve it.

I am trying to figure it out how the make molecural drinks, but I am sure you have notice my amazing ZERTEO jewelry more!

Of course I didn't make this but the bartender of MOMIX did. I actaully drunk it!! xoxo

If you want to remember the first one, just click it SHOP & TASTE 1?



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