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Monday, 14 November 2016

You know I like to try many different things concerning my hairstyling or my make up and I dare a lot of times even edgy things!

As far as I feel like it and I have a good vibe of howe I look, I don't mind as I did with the black lips, the other day that I had to go the grand opening of Hard Rock Cafe. Black lips are super trendy in beauty right now and we saw many fashion designers preffering black lips to their runways.

I must confess, I like it myself.

It's bold, it's edgy, and I must say attractive although I know there are a few of you that hesitate a lot to try a black lipstick!

Well, If you try black lips make sure that the rest of your make up is natural and put a lot of mascara for an intense but balanced look as my make up artist Αδαμαντία Κατσάμπη advices us to do!

This season beyond the deep burgundy or maroon or dark shades in general concering lipcolors, we are going to see lot of black lips or even blue outhere! 

I matched my black lips with a mini black dress (PINKO) and heels with metallic details and I chose to go with a simple hairstyling to have a more balanced look. If you have noticed from the photos you will see that we went with an eyeliner as well for a more glamorous look 

Extra tip: Dont try lip gloss, keep it matte. 

As you can see, it is not the 1st time that we tried black lips and blue.

Sneekpeak from my shooting for my new blog 


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