Thursday, 03 March 2016

From Milano to Paris with a quick stop to my hometown Athens for reloading my suitcases, Paris Fashion Week couldn’t have started better! 

The show for the collection of H&M Studio AW16 was simply divine and I am not exagurating..

The H&M's Greece crew, Karin Bringevall (H&M PR), Georgia Kleisoura (Elle Greece), Sofia Efstathiou (Madame Figaro Cyprus) and us, gathered at the WESTIN hotel around 18:00 for dinner chating about everything you could possibly imagine concerning our common love, fashion of course, and then we left for the show.

I think none of us though, could have thought of how speecheless we were going to be after that!

The collection has everything you ever wanted, at least for me will do! If you were to ask me right now what I could wish for, I would reply to you with no seconds thoughts, to open my wardorobe and find the entire #HMSTUDIOAW16 collection inside it and when I say the entire collection, I mean the entire collection!

All the hot trends that you love are combined in one collection and I wonder: "How am I going to wait for next fall, I need them now?"

Bohemian dresses, blazers, jackets, oversized coats, over the waist pants, lace, velvet, leather, silk, wool, everything you ever wished for in one collection!!!! Oh, and these cowboy boots to die for??? Come on!!! 

No other words can descibe the collection that is simply the most amazing collection H&M Studio has ever presented and I am so looking forward for the presentation today to enjoy the looks one more time and closer and congradulate the designers in person..

It was trully an amazing experience and I consider myself richer fashionably speaking after this show; and poorer literally speaking after the collection would be available to us!

... but it's so worth it! xoxo

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xx by El.g

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