Sunday, 09 October 2016

Last season I was presenting the fashion column at Pro1no ANT1 and I am so happy that I am going to present it this season as wellI together with the lovely hostess Fay Skorda.

This Friday was I presented my 1st topic for the season, how to wear 2 of my favorite trends, pleid and jeans.  

On the set a few seconds before I go live..

I wore a pleid mini skirt with a metallic t-shirt and ankle boots with metallic details, all of the from 

The truth is that I was to wear another outfit, but I did a small debate on snapchat and I finally went with the one you choose! It is so nice to have you on my everyday life and be part of. I will do that more often I suppose!

Be alert, there will be another snap-debate soon!

At this point I want to thank Fay Skorda and wish to have a wonderful season..

See you next Friday!

xx by El.g

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