Monday, 01 August 2016

Those who follow me on instagramor snapchat (elenacoolurstyl) these days, you will propably have noticed that I travelled to beautiful Mykonos! What do you mean you don't have snapchat? Well, no worries, subscribe me on my YouTube and you won't miss a story!

This summer my aunt Debbie and my uncle Jimmy from Chicago came to Greece for summer time and they asked me to suggest them an island to go and spend some days away from Athens and Tripoli that they are going to spend most of their time. With no second thoughts, I replied Mykonooooooos and I will come to, to show you around. I instantly saw a little fear in their eyes, because they thought that Mykonos was only clubbing, wild things, drugs and drunk people, but I told them to trust me and Thank God they did.

We had the time of our lives and I thank them for that, because they might think I did them a favor by showing them Mykonos as best I could, in fact they gave me more than that as I was the one that I needed the quality time that we spent all together away from my everyday routine! We love each other so much and we aren't afraid of showing to one another and believe me that can give you a lot of energy..

We stayed 5 days and each one it was magicall.. We visited lot of places and each day was a whole different experience for them and me of course.. We also ate divide to places like "Ftelia", "Nice N' Easy", "INYAMA" - I will soon post more about this tasteful journey- and "Almyra". Of course, you can't leave Mykonos if you don't stop by Scorpios even for a few pictures and talking about pictures you can't imagine how many we took in every spot... 

We also went for coffee to my best friend Christos who works in Jummeraih at Agia Anna and one of our fav days was the one we spend at the 5* boutique hotel KIVOTOS in Ornos.

We stayed at an amazingly villa in Ornos. When you are many people is better to rent a villa than stay at a hotel. Thank you Elena for everything and basically for your kind hospitality..

(if you need your contact, let me know)

When is kind of windy at the island you deside to swim at the south coast of Mykonos where Ornos is. I choose to go at Pasaji that day where my tall friend is working Stella Dimitriou, who she treated us a lot and we are so thankfull for it! 

Next spot, Jumeirah at Agia Anna, ex LA MED which I had visited 2 years ago and I saw that is a whole different place.. We enjoyed our freddo cappuccino while staring the beautiful sunset! 

Scorpios the super spot for pictures to remember, but if you want to have some breathtaking ones capturing the town of Mykonos like  a card postal you should visit the 180* sunset bar.. Just ask the locals!

Last dinner at Almyra, where we all gave a promise to see each other next summer in Mykonos... Again!

Mykonooooooos you are beautifull.. See you again soon enough!

xx by El.g

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