MY 1st CHANGE FOR 2016

Monday, 04 January 2016

2016 is going to be the year of changes and the first one came to me from the very beginning of it because I cut my hair! Ok, I know what you are going to say, "What's the fuzz lady, we are talking about a haircut!" and I will just reply you NO, for me it's a major change as scissors and idea of cutting my hair were out of the question. 

Recently though, I felt the desire that the time for my change has come but I didn't know what to do or when, until I met at a dinner Nasso Katsiadrami, where while we were dining, he suddedly told me: "Elena, honey, we have to do something with your hair doll, let me do my thing!" and there it was, my little hidden sprakling desire came to it's surface whispering at my ears that this is it!!!!

The next day without many thoughts I took of my extensions and I visited Nasso at his hairdresser. I didn't ask him many things, I felt that he knows what he is doing, I just told him: "Ok, I am ready, let's do it!!!"

The first thing that he did is to make my hair more darker at a natural base and then he cut off my hair.Oh, I really was enthousiastic about it, my very first comment though was that I loved them but I want the, blonder! "I will make them blonder he replied, but want step at a time, he thing that I am most concerned about is to make them look healthy! "Ok, Ok, I trust you, do whatever you need to do!!!" I ended our small conversation about my hair. 

After 2 days I went again to  NASSOS HAIRESORT, for the BRAZILIAN KERATIN treatment (oh, you must definetelly do it) for a healthier and a more shiny hair look!

I had to leave the treatment one day on my hair, but the next day we shampooed my hair, we cut them a little bit more and we make them 2 tones blonder than before ! Oh, my gosh I still can believe how he convinced me do this. The strange thing was that I wasn't even looking when he was cutting my hair, i was just reading a magazine!!!! 

He promised me to make me even more blonder in the near future as I want, we have to leave them "rest" for now..

So, do you like 'em?

Me and my blogger friend visited Nassos on new Years Eve and he transforned us to icons from another era, showing us that you can do miracles on short hair too. 

A little bit of glitter, eye-liner andlot's of fun and there you go.... Happy New Year people!!!!! 

PS: Nasso thank you for being the 1st change of the year! 

If you want to make yourselves a change like me beginning with your hair, do not hesitate: Anagnostopoulou 37, Kolonaki. τηλ. 2107221600

xx by El.g

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